Opening Launch: Wednesday 14 August 6-9pm | Exhibition Dates: August 14 - August 31, 2019

James Little

FW20 - Rubicon

A series of landscape paintings inspired by Tarra-Bulga National Park, Victoria.

Peter Leigh

Parallax 1

These works form part of an ongoing investigation into the nature of information and how it is generated, distributed and fragmented. Each work is produced according to the same set of constraints, using the same set of fragmented information generated from found imagery. Through this process the found images are separated from their original content and used instead as a means of exploring the various tensions inherent in painting; rigid structure and improvisation; flatness and depth; the mechanical and the handmade; movement and stillness; durations of time; seriality and variation. The formats of these works also reference common display resolutions of screens through which we are exposed to a perpetual stream of information. The found images used to create this series of artworks were taken from the top ten Google search trends for 2018.

Michael McKenzie

Lost: Thinking Out Loud in the Dark

Michael’s work is drawn from both a personal and universal psychological connection. The exploration of trying to exist in a pre-existing social establishment where not all true desires can be met. Feelings of guilt and a perverse nature can happen when the ‘real world’ or civilisation deprives you of the freedom of truly discovering ones self. The obsession with becoming famous or wanting to be loved for a sense of worth in a society set up for hierarchy. The use of alternative methods with accessible objects as an escape if it can’t be achieved that can result in a distorted identification. This visually documented psycho-analysis manifested inevitably takes form of illustrated alter egos that don’t physically exist. Or do They? 2 conflicting forces of masculinity and femininity, conscious and unconscious, creation and destruction, life and death all interconnected. Further unlocked unconscious thoughts, feelings and word associations are communicated with iconography, design and illustration. This is as a result of a filtered perception and reinterpretation of an overwhelming multi-media and pop culture world we
have grown up in.