Opening Launch: Saturday 2 December 6-8pm | Exhibition Dates: December 2 - December 23, 2023

Ian Haig

Untitled Syndrome

One pre-occupation with 20th century modernism was the deformation of the human body and face. Depicted in a variety of different paintings and sculpture the face was consistently altered, cut up, and distorted. This reconfiguration and mutation of the face is now echoed in contemporary culture and notions of body dysmorphia (or digitised dysmorphic disorder). Amplified by selfie culture and social media and a growing perception that one’s body is thought to look wrong and doesn’t adhere to ‘normal’ images of the ‘standard’ body. Untitled Syndrome brings together the modernist white cube gallery with the mediated, monstrous visualisations of digitised dysmorphia and the disfigured contemporary face.

Kasia Fabijanska


Orchids use sophisticated methods of reward, mimicry and deception to lure pollinators to their blooms. The reward can be nectar(food) or perfume (a token of exchange), and other times the flower imitates something which it is not.  

A species of Oncidium, incites violence for its own benefit, other orchids use sexual deception by visually imitating female insects to attract the male of the species. The dance is repeated, the pollinator always unaware how its energy is harnessed for another purpose. 

By observing and reflecting on nature, one can gain insight into the law of the jungle, draw parallels with the complex systems that surround us, and question what lies beyond the superficial. 

Tatjana Este


After three years, Tatjana Este returns with a new body of work - paintings, sculpture and installation. Monumento is the result of a slow, committed, contemplative practice ruminating on recent events with works of art produced against the odds. In doing so, she negates for a moment the contemporary culture of negation - the pathological condition of our time - memorialising in its shadow the violated, lest we forget their existence during the time of the Great Cancellation.