Opening Launch: Wednesday 15 May 6-8pm | Exhibition Dates: May 15 - June 1, 2024

Angela Hughes

Planetary boundaries

'Planetary boundaries' are a framework to describe limits to the impact of human activities on the Earth. Beyond these limits, the environment may not be able to self-regulate or repair any longer and will become uninhabitable for humans and most non-human animals. Crossing a planetary boundary comes at great risk of abrupt environmental change. Much like the pivotal shift from the Holocene to the Anthropocene marks the undeniable influence of humanity on Earth’s natural systems, this series serves as a commentary on the evolving relationship between nature and human civilisation. Each project captures a snapshot of this transitional phase, where elements of nature and humanity coexist, often in conflict. There are many actions that can be taken to slow this transition, but most of us are just along for the ride."

Jemima Longworth

Definitely not unnecessary

Jemima’s work is about regaining control over the perception of the naked body and creating a safe space for people to not only feel comfortable in themselves but to also be celebrated.

Jemima’s work is inspired by women and non-binary folk’s experiences with how they have been treated based on their bodies. Their aim is to spark conversations about body acceptance and unnecessary sexualisation they have experienced. While providing people, but more specifically fat people, a chance to see their bodies represented in a fine art capacity. There is constant discrimination and sexualisation to deal with when you are fat hence Jemima is regaining control over the perception of the naked body.


Lucija Zaja

Inner Saboteurs

‘Inner Saboteurs’ is a collection of works that tell a story of artist’s struggle with understanding herself, her own personal as well as collective history, and the world she lives in. She is exploring past, traumatic events and how they transpire through our everyday lives. The questions raised often refer to integration and awareness of trauma, and how these events linger in our lives, even more so if we try to ignore them. These paintings are an invitation to embrace our tragedies and demons, and allow all of our parts to stand together equally in order to understand ourselves better.

Lucija Zaja is a Sydney-based painter. She was born and raised in Croatia, but later she moved to Berlin which had a powerful influence on her. Most of her inspiration Lucija draws from violent history that both places faced, and the fact that even though life continued, these traumas will always be present and define their future. In her work, Lucija is exploring her emotional and mental landscape, her history and upbringing, and constant battle between good and bad in our minds. These polarities transpire through Lucija’s work, forming visual representations of her inner states. So far she has exhibited in Berlin, Sydney, and Melbourne.