Opening Launch: Wednesday 3 July 7-7pm | Exhibition Dates: July 3 - July 20, 2019

Noah Spivak

Thousand Tears

Thousand Tears investigates the study of visual re-presentation and its ability to create distance between idea (memory) and object (self). Spivak isolates, breaks and reconstitutes the materials inherent to photography allowing the medium an opportunity to look back on itself. This exhibition serves as a reminder of the physical and chemical processes of photography, granting the viewer space to consider the value of image in our visually saturated culture.

Noah Spivak studied at the Cooper Union School of Art, New York and received a Bachelor of Fine Art in photography from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver in 2015. Shortly after graduation he migrated to Melbourne and has been actively producing since in his Brunswick based studio. Spivak has exhibited both nationally and internationally.

Patrick Heath

Standing On The Outside

Patrick Heath is an emerging artist from Adelaide. His work uses found materials and pop cultural artifacts to explore overlapping personal and social narratives, playing with myth, nostalgia and the vernacular culture of suburban Australia. Standing On The Outside...New work representing the artist’smusings on repetition, nostalgia and the intimacy of the ubiquitous. These altered, found canvases explore ideas of home and the fractured nature of memory through histories encoded within patterns.

This exhibition is supported by the Helpmann Academy

Thomas Kuss


Why do I feel so much ?

Why do I fear so much ?

Why do I judge ?

Why do I assume ?

Why do I compare ?

Why do I have guilt ?

How do I comprehend the past ?

Why do I want to know ?

Why is it best not to know ?

Do I need to change ?

Do I need to grow ?

Do I need to compromise ?

Do I need help ?

Do I need you ?