Exhibition Dates: July 6 - July 23, 2022

Fiona Schoer

Illogical Perceptions

Merging the abstract and the tangible this exhibition investigates the intimate relationship between the body and the object to examine the physicality of reduction. It seeks to demonstrate the agency of the object by manifesting its’ ability to anchor the self during times of crisis. 

Informed by personal narratives it recalls the memory of my mother after a traumatic event. She is seated in an armchair, her body supported; in her hands a white tissue, which is turning repeatedly, between her fingers. Seeking comfort in the object she holds, her attention is drawn to the repetition of movement and her awareness of the surrounding space is reduced. The interaction between her body and the objects around her, creates a shift in perception, things don’t quite fit anymore. The chair seems bigger, her body seems reduced, the tissue, once insignificant, now salient. 

Abstraction has appropriated logic. The residue of the self has merged with the structures of the object to become a singular entity in which form is altered and scale illogical. One, has now become, another.

Holly Goodridge


The show ‘Portal’ is a series of works that are a response to my autism diagnosis. Each piece of work is a series of paintings that serve as an act of escapism, diverging from a world that is perplexing, to a new space that is comprehensible to my personal existence. Positioning multiple paintings and ceramic vessels together, as though a ritual, the work functions as a portal, using bold colours to push out from the wall and draw the viewer’s gaze into an unknown. This creates a new environment, immersing the audience into a
geography that is both abstract and dynamic in its presentation, introducing them into a world similar to my own. Holly Goodridge is a Naarm/Melbourne-based multidisciplinary artist that graduated with first class honours in Fine Arts from Rmit in 2021. In 2022 she was awared the Situate Residency from Rmit as well as a mentorship programe from West Space. Her work involves producing documents that occur at the intersection of painting, sculptural objects and installation, with colour being her primary focus.

Arthur Dimitriou


‘Unearthing’ explores the relationship between organic and man-made materials, primarily working with concrete & reinforced bar. I intend to create a juxtaposition between the unaltered form of the organic material and that of the refined concrete reinforced steel bar panoply that both masks and accentuates the natural formation it houses. Emulating the tension that exists between the labyrinth of man-made infrastructure such as sewerage systems and irrigation within our earth that encompasses it, the geometric concrete structure against the raw organic rock formations showcased, works to create an extreme contrast. The discourse between the linear shapes that make up the exterior and the rudimentary condition of the stones is what I wish to explore with the audience most closely. The supporting wall pieces further this dynamic. Performing as an ode to the ground on which we walk, the reinforced bar engulfed in concrete highlights the slow but increasing degradation of our unnatural environment. Experimentation with both natural and human processes are both utilised to alter the sculptures.