Opening Launch: Wednesday 5 September 6-9pm | Exhibition Dates: September 5 - September 22, 2018

Paul Kalemba

Some Things Cannot be Undone

Sometimes Humorously, sometimes deadpan, Some Things Cannot Be Undone explores the notions of nature and ecology in the Anthropocene through found object assemblage and still-life photography. Removing the nature/culture binary, and with a hint of myth and the occult, Kalemba attempts a playful collaboration with phenomena and found objects. The objects, presented as subjects, with deliberate use of pareidolia (seeing patterns or faces in random data) attempt to arouse empathy within the viewer . . . Or at least a sense of humor. While inviting a questioning of the prevailing anthropocentric worldview, the works explore agency of the non-human and the abject positioning of nature to suggest contemporary stories of ecology and place.

Paul J. Kalemba is a Melbourne-based artist. He finished his Master degree of Visual Art at the the University of Melbourne and earned several finalists, such as the “Still; National Still-Life Award. Coffs Harbor Regional Gallery”, “Banyule Award for Works on Paper” and “The Nillumbik”. In 2018 and 2011, Paul had residency projects in Iceland for “Icelandic Notes for the Weltgeist: SIM Residency” and in Riverbend for “The Symbiogenisis project: Laughing Waters”. Paul’s artistic practice extends across drawing/work on paper, new media, photography and sculpture. His latest work explores the nature and ecology in the Anthropocene through found object and still life compositions. His artworks also became a part of collections in several institutions, such as the Hepburn Shire and the Nillumbik Shire. 

Amanda Page

All Things Move Toward Their End

In capturing and recording changes of state in materials and processes, Amanda Page makes works about transformation. Phenomena and the coalescing and dissipation of natural systems are investigated. Change is explored as a universal condition that connects all matter. All things move toward their end records erosion and references fragility, loss and impermanence. The works developed from observing ice formations around Antarctica and Iceland. 

Amanda Page makes works about transformation, in capturing and recording changes of state in materials and processes. While the works reference ecology and climate and can be positioned within the framework of environmental art, they also reference change as a universal condition that connects all matter. Works develop from observing transformative processes in natural systems and phenomena, such as weather patterns, temperature, erosion, interaction between organisms, metamorphosis, growth and decay, where organic substances break down into simpler forms of matter, and how matter and energy change under varying circumstance. 

Page uses water, ice, sunlight, fire and camera-less exposure processes combined with drawing, printmaking and sculptural methods to catalyse, explore and articulate processes of change. By using constructed parameters, Page records the processes of melting, freezing, molding and transforming materials into various states. Perishable materials reference fragility, loss and impermanence in natural systems and capture the interaction of invisible forces and energies.

Clare Ellison Jakes

as sane as a bloody meataxe

The multimedia installation, ‘as sane as a bloody meataxe’, is an investigation into the following text, written by the artist: ‘When Dorothy fell through the rainbow, she wasn’t expecting record highs all winter, all summer and year//; So perhaps now she just needs some rest; but instead I’m chugging down chartruese, whispering “I love you, I love me, love me” relentlessly//; So do you mind if we kiss rather than hugging goodbye? After all, I’m– we’re as sane as a bloody meataxe.’

Clare Ellison Jakes is a Melbourne-based artist and collaborator who graduated from the Victoria College of the Arts (VCA) with Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Art) in 2017. Her latest show is “When I think of beauty I think of decay” at the Alternating Current Art Space in Melbourne. She has had several commercial projects, such as “Interior designer/muralist and video producer for Edrolo”, Collaboration with A.K.A Coffee and Mecca Cosmetica Holiday Campaign. Her artworks also are a part of collections across Australia, New Zealand and Denmark.