Opening Launch: Wednesday 17 October 6-9pm | Exhibition Dates: October 17 - November 3, 2018

Callum Jackson

Calm Your Teenage River

Callum Jackson’s solo exhibition, Calm Your Teenage River, examines the role of nostalgia in the modern era. Through print-based media, painting and drawing Jackson has produced a suite of work that investigates the significance of nostalgia, and if it is a force that can stimulate progression or lead to stagnation.

Louise Gresswell


Central to Gresswell’s practice is the materiality of paint and surface as she explores concepts of vulnerability and protection.  Her paintings are created in response to various histories - both personal and art historical. ‘Sensory narratives’ are formed by transferring that which is felt from hand to board, generating textured and rich surfaces with evidence of the artists’ touch. 

Christopher Jewitt

Bubble and Squeak

Christopher Jewitt is a self-taught artist. His work sits outside of the prescribed system, rules and formalities. Inspired by Donald Moffett, his work plays with materials as much as it plays with colours. Taking his hand beyond the paintbrush, Chris integrates everyday building materials on to the frame in order to add layers that build his canvas and create a new sculptural form. This body of work is inspired by the want to blend kitsch and otherworldly materials creating works that are starkly contrasted to what would exist in a traditional gallery space. Here Chris creates a playful synergy. These everyday found materials are integrated into his artwork to create a vortex of exchange, expressing a tactile quality which offers unexpected familiarity, while also seeming completely unearthly.

This current body of work is an expression of possibility, fantasy and imperfection. The materials exude a desire to touch, rather than be admired for their arrangement. What else could these materials do? How do they interact when we’re not watching?For Chris, the bubbled borders evoke ideas about air travel and space travel and fluffy, bouncy and dramatic landings; and in some instances indifferent performances of digestion, and daily hygiene routines. The arrangement of floral backgrounds suggests heavenly delights, or a vestige of perfection in a fairy-tale garden state. Here, Chris seeks to animate combinations of shape and style that subvert conventional order. The characters and narratives within the frame seem impulsive like theatre - at once pretty and ugly, dynamic and stagnant.