Opening Launch: Wednesday 15 June 6-9pm | Exhibition Dates: June 15 - July 2, 2016

Peter Summers

nowhere now here

'Nowhere now here’ is the second installation of small to medium scale paintings produced whilst living in Shanghai and in the most recent months in Melbourne. Peter Summers’s work exhales a full acceptance of the futility of painting in the 21st century. He is responding to the situation not with cries of protest, lament or frustration, but with whispering assertions of the memory and potential instinct in the materials of painting, thanks to its long history. Over the past 20 twenty years Peter Summers has become known for his abstract oil paintings that are at once reductive and expressive. His subtle and arresting works on canvas demonstrate a complex, intriguing expression of Minimalism. The paintings are built up layer by layer with various colours of alternately opaque and translucent oil paint. Summers’s paintings marry a meticulous investigation of the fundamentals of the painterly process and an emphatic insistence on the materiality of both canvas and paint, with deeply resonant explorations of the affective qualities of colour, light and hue.

“What I'm attempting to paint is very much involved with the application of paint and the idea of how to make a painting where the application of paint is actually a structural element. But it's not predetermined, and so each painting is extremely different. They are very pared down, very quiet, and the kind of activity that's happening in the paintings are not always overt.”

Sabrina Baker


Chatter is a solo exhibition by Sabrina Baker, an emerging artist from Canberra. It ponders the artist’s insatiable need to communicate. Baker collected the data of her conversations conducted over the course of six months to varying degrees of accuracy and using coloured wool and rope she creates visual representations of this data. Patterns start to emerge with giving an insight into the artist’s networks. Alongside the ropes, Baker has reconstructed blankets into oversized maritime signal flags that spell the word STAY. Canberra is a transient city where everyone seems to be coming and going often passing like ships in the night, these blankets are the artist’s response to the constantly changing movements of those around her.

Sabrina Baker is an emerging artist from Canberra. After graduating from the ANU School of Art in 2013 she began working at Canberra Contemporary Art Space as Gallery Manager. Recently presenting her first solo exhibition Pack and Unpack at ANCA in Canberra and is shortlisted as a finalist for the 2016 Yen Female Artist Award.

Troy Mendham

The Gucci

If you’re talking to me and I vague out on you it’s probably because I’m thinking about painting. I have about 20 on the go in my mind at any given time, all of which fly in a holding pattern until one pushes forward to the front of the queue and demands to be made. For inspiration & ideas I mine the vast digital landscape, picking up shiny gems in the hidden corners of our shared visual culture and placing them in a dreambox for later reference. Eventually these virtual eureka moments find themselves ITRW transmuted, abstracted and rendered in paint, by hand.

Troy Mendham lives and works in Melbourne Australia. Recent solo presentations include exhibitions at Seventh, Fort Delta and Trocadero Artspace. In addition to conventional gallery exhibitions, Troy leaves works in public places around the world in acts of what he calls ‘ambush exhibiting' #ambushexhibiting.