Archive : 2019

January 16 - February 2, 2019

Liv Moriarty

The splinter in a wall, the hum in my hand

Utilising a logic that is sensory and compulsively circular, Moriarty elevates found debris into a self-fulfilling functionality.

A hook, a latch, concrete rubble; objects are collected instinctively. Obtained separate and displaced, they hold one-another; their references are both preserved and recontextualised. These materials contain an agency in their relationship to each other and the site, the relationship is both logical and visceral within its logic. A poetic satisfaction through recognition occurs.

Works become charms extending from the architecture, sitting in a charged, humming loop that is encapsulated within each form. Structures support themselves, held in a tense, connected space of being and becoming.

Jessica Wilson, Anne Kucera, Shae Rook, Lou Molesworth, Narinda Cook, Hahna Read

Ghost Without A Home

Underbelly blew up my house. My childhood home was a location for Fat Tony & Co. (2014). It played a meth lab, which mum chose not to take personally.
In early 2018 my childhood home was demolished (for real this time), to celebrate I invited my artist friends to create a loving sendoff. For one evening my parents opened up their home of over 30 years to some old friends and some strangers. We called it a ‘House Party’.

Julia Higgs

A Line To Navigate

This exhibition uses collage and drawing to create works on paper and in space using ink, imagery, wire, cotton and steel. 2D works and installation unite to showcase elements of the body, varying line-work and an ephemeral essence emphasised through handmade works of art. It’s influenced by the collages of Hannah Hoch and sculpture by Sarah Sze, who uses photographs, found objects and wire to create installations that toggle between the second and third dimension.